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Sleep Dentistry


The dentist’s office can be a frightening place for many people. Even for the most stoic patient, the sounds and sensations can be disconcerting, and a nervous patient can often work against your dentist, prolonging a procedure. That is why many people prefer sleep dentistry for their dental procedures.

Sleep dentistry typically employs a general anaesthetic, administered by a qualified anaesthesiologist, at our local private hospital. Your procedure is then performed while you are under, while you feel nothing. As an added plus, your dentist can operate with fewer interference, and with fewer breaks, ensuring the end result is a successful one. You will wake up with a completed procedure, and no memory of it.

In addition to a general anaesthetic, we can also provide IV sedation in-house at our practice, a method that is at once fast-acting, easily adjustable, and incorporates a quick recovery time, for those patients who would prefer to avoid general sedation. Both of these methods can ensure a patient is relaxed and receptive, and work well for lengthy procedures, or patients coping with severe anxiety.

With Coastal Dental, you can experience the sleep dentistry difference. Contact us today and ask if sleep dentistry is right for you!



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