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Braces are an orthodontic option that provide a long-term solution for teeth realignment. Because of their effectiveness, braces are used by thousands of Australians each year. While they are a big commitment for any patient to make, the positive results of dental braces treatment cannot be refuted. With the advanced technology being used by qualified orthodontists across the country, there’s no better time to engage with braces to straighten your smile.

Traditional braces are primarily designed with metal components, however there are other options for materials that can be used, including ceramic braces. The braces are secured to your teeth using bonding cement. Tightening of wires encourages your teeth to move to an ideal position, as determined by your orthodontist, over time.

The duration and cost of your dental braces treatment will depend on what orthodontist you attend, and the exact details involved with your particular circumstances. At Coastal Dental, our team will be fully transparent with the price, procedures and facts surrounding your braces treatment. We pride ourselves on our quality of care to all patients, ensuring you are comfortable and satisfied throughout the process. Get in touch with our team today to arrange an initial appointment.



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