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Gosford Emergency Dental Care


Do you have an emergency that requires immediate care? We can help.


We understand how dental emergencies can impact the affected person and their family. As a local, community-focused Central Coast dentist, we offer Gosford emergency dental appointments on the same day you call. We care about your oral health and will shuffle our schedule to fit in your same-day emergency dental appointment.

Acute dental issues can be extremely hard on patients, but our Central Coast dentists are here to make things better again. A dental emergency such as a broken tooth, a broken restoration, extreme toothache, or mouth injury can cause pain or complications, while stopping you from working, caring for others and living like normal. Call us to fast track your urgent treatment.

Common Dental Emergencies

Our Central Coast dental clinic sees many dental emergencies and has developed a streamlined solution for each and every one. Our priority is limiting pain and once that is achieved, we implement a lasting solution. Our Gosford dentists define dental emergencies as issues (commonly brought about by dental trauma) needing immediate treatment due to pain or fear of complications.

Common dental emergencies requiring urgent dental treatment encountered by our Central Coast dentists include:

  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Extreme toothache or sensitivity
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Face swelling or tooth abscesses
  • Mouth injury or jaw injury
  • A lost crown or filling

Call Coastal Dental on +61 2 4306 7467 now for an affordable, patient-first solution to your dental emergency. We will rearrange our schedule to ensure you receive same-day care for your unexpected emergency. Throughout your emergency, your health and wellbeing are our number one priority.



+61 2 4306 7467
12 Baker Street Gosford NSW 2250

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