Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety

October 9, 2018 by Coastal Dental0

Going to the dentist is not high on most people’s lists of favourite things to do. However, it is necessary to keep your teeth healthy, maintain your quality of life, and even prolong your life.

While no one generally gets excited to go to the dentist, if you find yourself feeling really anxious about your trip to the dentist, then you may want to consider these tips on how to manage dental anxiety. It’s also a good idea to see a dentist that understands an anxious patient’s needs.

1. Communicate Your Fears

Dentists will have a difficult time knowing you are anxious if you do not tell them. Most dentists are no strangers to extreme dental phobia. Just giving them a heads-up allows them to use their expertise on how to deal with dental anxiety.

They may even be able to use a different method that is less painful or noisy if that improves your visit. Additionally, if there is anything the dentist can do to make your procedure more enjoyable then do not hesitate to ask. They are there to serve you. While all requests may not be possible due to safety, it never hurts to ask, and you may be surprised at what can be accomplished.

2. Stay in Tune with Your Body

While you’re waiting to see the dentist, take deep, slow breaths and regularly check in with your body and how it is feeling. Try to focus on any muscles that may be tense or working too hard. Think about relaxing each muscle individually. Focusing on how to stay calm at the dentist while you’re in the dentist’s chair may even take your mind off of the procedure being done.

On the other hand, if you find yourself starting to hyperventilate or become exceedingly uncomfortable, then do not be afraid to ask the dentist to stop or take a break. It would be prudent to discuss a safe word or gesture at the beginning of the appointment so that this process goes smoothly.

3. Keep Yourself Preoccupied

If you focus on every move that the dentist makes, then you will probably increase your discomfort. Instead, come prepared.

Bring headphones so that the noises of the equipment do not overwhelm you. You could even bring a stress ball or a stuffed animal to hold to give you comfort.

You do not need to be ashamed of engaging in any practice that will make you more comfortable during your visit. How to stay calm at the dentist can vary greatly by personality, so find what works best for you.

Find a Dentist for Anxiety Patients Near You

If you suffer from an extreme dental phobia, then please feel free to reach out to us at Coastal Dental. We are a well-known dentist for anxiety patients in the Gosford area with years of experience.

All of our dentists are compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. We put your comfort and well-being above all else. Please call us today for a pleasant experience!

We promise to do everything we can to put you at ease and calm your dental anxiety.

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