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At Coastal Dental, we provide professional and well-practiced dental care for residents of Wyong, and the Central Coast. Our practice places great emphasis on conscientious, well-crafted services, to ensure that you keep visiting us again and again.

As your Wyong dentist, we know how dental issues can impact upon your quality of life. At best, they are a mild inconvenience. At worst, they can impede your eating, speech, or confidence, preventing you from smiling as often as you would otherwise. In any case, this team of dentists are sure to find a solution that suits you.

Our talented team of dentists in Wyong each provide a specialist service, ranging from hygienists, to dental surgeons. This broad talent base is the reason that we are able to provide nearly all services in-house. We know you want to have your dental services covered in just one visit, and we aim to keep your commuting to a minimum.

As your Wyong dentist, we can provide a huge range of services for our patients. These range from basic maintenance, to cleaning and fluoride treatments, to dental implants and the placement of veneers and dental crowns. Each are delivered with care and precision, through our advanced and modern dental surgery.

If you’re in need of dentist for Wyong, Coastal Dental is here to take care of you. Contact us today and get started.

Located ninety kilometres to the north of the state capital in Sydney, Wyong is a peaceful hamlet, nestled on the Central Coast. Bordered to the south by the perennial waters of the Wyong River, Wyong serves as an administrative centre for the Central Coast Council.

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