Dental Implants In Wyong

At Coastal Dental, our job is to ensure that you are comfortable in our clinic when you pay us a visit, and pleased with our work when you leave. We take great care in providing service that goes above and beyond, and our work with dental implants in Wyong is no exception.

Dental implants in Wyong are intended to replace a tooth that has been lost, either by accident or decay. The process fills the void in your smile with a synthetic replacement, one that will not feel the effects of time the same way that your natural teeth will, and operates exactly like your natural teeth.

Dental implants involve a two-part process. First, a titanium screw is inserted in to your jawbone, where your departed tooth once sat. It is left to knit to your jawbone for the next few months, after which we mount your brand new replacement tooth on top of it. This replacement has been moulded and crafted by us, to match your natural teeth perfectly in form, function, and colour.

Our dental implants at Coastal Dental offer your teeth both full functionality, and a cosmetic solution. If a gap in your smile has made you self-conscious around others, this is your permanent solution, and one that we at Coastal Dental are very highly experienced and proficient at providing.

Contact us today, and learn about this procedure from qualified dental experts at Coastal Dental.

Located ninety kilometres to the north of Sydney, the town of Wyong lies just inland of the coast, bordered to the south by the perennial waters of the Wyong River. Originally established in 1888, the town has evolved and grown in to a regional sporting and transport hub.

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