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As your experienced local professional in Woy Woy, we at Coastal Dental believe that few innovations have changed dentistry to the same degree that dental implants have. The ability to replace lost teeth has meant that we are able to restore both functionality and cosmetic appeal to the mouths of our patients, something that was impossible only a few decades ago.

The search for a proper dental implant, for Woy Woy and the world, has been ongoing for a long, long time. Variations of dental implants have been inserted in to the jaws of various people for thousands of years, using everything from bitumen, to stone, to sea shells, to teeth from cadavers. They came with varying degrees of success, but with one major flaw – they were unable to knit to the jawbone. Without this key element, no dental implant could feel, or operate, naturally.

Luckily, modern medicine has solved that problem. Titanium screws are now inserted in to the jawbone of the recipient as a base, a substance that bone knits to. A synthetic tooth is then placed atop this screw, crafted to look exactly like its predecessor.

This tooth is strong and hard-wearing, and can even outlast your natural tooth. It can provide a solution to any gaps in your teeth, while providing perfect functionality, and ensuring that your self-confidence is not suffering.

At Coastal Dental, our dental surgeons provide dental implants to Woy Woy and the surrounding region, to ensure that you can eat, laugh, and grin without a second thought. For a premium service by devoted professionals, contact us today and book your appointment.

The town of Woy Woy, lying 79 kilometres to the north of the state capital in Sydney, lies astride the blue stretch of Brisbane Waters. Known for its lovely scenery and boating opportunities, both coastal and up the Hawkesbury River, the area grew strongly after the completion of the railway, and continues to grow today.

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