Your wisdom teeth (third molars) are the final teeth to erupt in your mouth. They are positioned right at the back of your jaw, next to your second molars. Wisdom teeth come through at any point in adolescence or adulthood, but most people will see them starting to erupt around the ages of 20-25.

For some people, having four new teeth break through their gums will cause some issues and they will need to have these wisdom teeth removed. However, this isn’t always the case.


How do you know if your wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Some evidence suggests that around half of all Australians will need to have at least one of their wisdom teeth extracted. Hence, there is a reasonable chance that you will need to have an extraction conducted. Don’t worry – wisdom teeth removal is incredibly common, so all of the best dentists in Gosford will be able to perform the procedure with no problems.

The most common reasons for needing your wisdom teeth removed are:

  • The molar has only partially erupted.
  • There is an infection around the wisdom tooth area.
  • The molar is coming through at a bad angle and affecting other teeth.
  • You are experiencing unbearable pain.

To avoid any issues with your wisdom teeth, you should engage in proper and thorough dental hygiene. By deeply brushing, flossing and cleaning your molars, you will reduce the risk of infection as the wisdom teeth start to break through the gums. Additionally, you should be regularly attending your local dental clinic to have professional assessments regarding the movements of your teeth. The best dentists will be able to identify most problems before they even arise, meaning you can take action before you get into a world of pain.


What does wisdom teeth extraction involve?

The nature of the procedure will depend largely on where your wisdom teeth are positioned. If the removal process is going to be challenging for your dentist near me (perhaps the wisdom teeth are positioned awkwardly under other teeth), you may be put under a local aesthetic to ensure you feel as little pain as possible. Either way, your popular Gosford dentist will numb the area near your wisdom teeth so you cannot feel the tooth being removed.


What can be done if your wisdom teeth cause misalignment?

If not extracted, there is a chance that your third molars may cause the rest of your teeth to realign. If you previously had a straight smile, this can be extraordinarily frustrating. Thankfully, there are cosmetic dentistry Central Coast treatments to ensure you get your perfect smile back.

Alternatively, you can seek other orthodontic treatments and cosmetic dental procedures to fix imperfections. When you attend an appointment with the Central Coast Dental team, our qualified professionals will take the time to discuss all of your possible treatment options.



Kids are funny creatures – when you want them to do something, they won’t do it, but when you don’t want them to do something, they will do it. Encouraging good dental hygiene from your children is remarkably difficult for most parents. When children get too stubborn or emotional, many parents are left wondering what they can do to support positive oral health practices.

As your trusted local dental clinic near me, our Gosford Dental team has provided some key tips for encouraging your kids to sustain good dental hygiene.


  1. Get them into a routine as early as possible.

If you enforce twice-daily brushing from a young age, your children will start to clean their teeth and gums out of habit. The sooner you start imposing morning and night-time dental routines, the sooner your kids will accept them.

As well as sticking to a strict cleaning routine, you could start introducing the idea of orthodontics at an early age. Although not every child will need braces, many children will seek central coast orthodontics and coastal dental and braces. It is best to teach and inform them about this possibility as early as possible. By discussing and talking about orthodontics early, you will prepare your kids for what is to come.


  1. Set a good example yourself.

We all know that kids can be copycats, which means you need to demonstrate good oral hygiene yourself for them to do it too. We suggest brushing your teeth alongside your children, so they don’t feel singled out. Good family dentistry clinics should also offer side-by-side appointments so you can get your treatment directly before your kids do.


  1. Establish regular visits to your local family dentist.

The more that your child sees their dentist, the more comfortable they will feel with them. Regular visits to your dental clinic near me are vital for overall oral health and hygiene. Seeing the dentist bi-annually will ensure that any issues or complexities are realised before they become irreversibly problematic. Some dentists even recommend that children see their local family dentist more regularly than that. By establishing a solid schedule for visiting the dentist now, you will encourage your child to continue seeing the dentist every six months throughout their adolescence and adulthood too.


  1. Don’t talk negatively about dentistry or orthodontics.

Children are sponges. If you speak negatively about dentists, your children will immediately adopt the perspective that all dental clinics are bad. The reason that most children hate going to the dentist and brushing their teeth is because their parents openly discuss hating these things too. It is up to you, as their parent, to create a positive vibe towards oral health and family dentistry visits. If you remain optimistic around your child, they will ooze with positivity too.


  1. Make dental hygiene a fun and exciting topic for your kids.

To ensure your children are brushing their teeth for a full two minutes twice per day, you might want to play a two-minute version of their favourite song. This will allow them to feel that teeth brushing time is a fun time and something they can enjoy doing. There’s nothing wrong with a little dancing as you brush your teeth after all (as long as there is still a good amount of focus on quality brushing technique!)

If your children are very young, you might like to entice them to brush and floss by offering them a reward afterwards. However, never offer them anything too expensive or demanding as a reward because this may become an expectation every time they brush their teeth.

Additionally, most young children love the mystical character of the Tooth Fairy. Getting a present from the Tooth Fairy makes losing their teeth a much more pleasant process. As family dentists, we highly recommend spreading news of the Tooth Fairy to your children.


  1. Choose a central coast dental clinic that specialises in family dental

The particular dental clinic you choose to send your children to will make an enormous difference as to how they view dentistry. If your child has a good relationship with their dentist, they will be happy to attend for their regular check-ups. A poor relationship with their dentist could result in many tantrums and arguments.

The best dental clinics on the central coast will be friendly towards your children and ensure they are comfortable at all stages of their appointment. As well as establishing a safe and enjoyable environment, the most popular central coast dentists will be patient and forgiving to your children. They will never lecture them or become aggressive.

If you would like to send your family to the most reputable dentist on the coast, contact the Gosford Dental team to book an appointment.


In the summer months, fruit juices are an extremely popular choice to fight the heat. But despite the health benefits associated with fruit, fruit juices are not as great for your oral health. The acidity in the drinks can damage your enamel, the protective layer of your teeth, which cannot be regenerated.

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